A Short Guideline about Types of Spiritual Cleaning

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As we all know, everything around us is made of energy. Following this mechanism, all living and non-living things are constantly absorbing, taking in or exhaling or giving out different types of energy. There are different types of energies and these types help us gain physical, mental and spiritual health. There are several ways through which you can inject energy into yourself including feng shui in melbourne vic. There are pharmaceutical ways, injections and numerous ancient practices which can help you gain positivity.

Below is a list of some of the most popular ways which are being practiced worldwide to regulate the flow of energy within and around you as told by our energy healing consultant melbourne.

1.      Run Energy through Chakras

According to this ancient Indian wisdom, chakras are denoted as crucial spiritual spots on your body. According to the tradition, there are 7 chakras which if left untreated, are targeted by different forces. When chakras are out of place or unbalanced, they form a block in the way of flow of energy and this results in unhealthy physical health and drives more stress into your mind. By performing specific exercises to unblock your chakras, you cultivate tools that navigate your life and relationships with greater harmony and ease.

2.      Embrace your Existence

Amidst our fast and busy lives, we are rarely present to pay attention to our own selves. One practice called as “get grounded” is known specifically to bring yourself in the present moment. Presence is the doorway to let in healing effects into your body, mind, emotions and spiritual enlightment. Buddhists suggest that by calling out your name three times in an empty space, you get more focused to yourself and emphasize on your present self.

3.      Unblock your Seventh Chakra

Your seventh chakra is located at the top of your head. To unblock your seventh chakra, you need to visualize a beam of your light entering into your head and connecting your thoughts to the divine and cosmic energy.

4.      Unblock your Feet chakras

Ease the chakras at the bottom of your feet. While you are at it, think of your feet chakra connecting your very being to the center or the core of the earth. This way, you will feel yourself transcending into mother nature cradle easing your stress and relaxing your muscles.

5.      Run your Cosmic Energy

Grounding energies travel upward to the crown chakra washing and filtering all the negativity in your mind and body. In contrast to this, cosmic energies enter through your crown chakra and run all the way down to your feet. All these chakras have different colors. One might feel enlightened if you visualize this transaction of energy along with their color codes for spiritual boost.

6.      Exercise Religiously

Last but not the least, exercise is the key to a healthy life. Taking a walk in a park in the morning can uplift your mood and regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your brain. Starting your day with spending some time with nature will help you refresh your body system and you will be as right as rain to start a new day. If you’re feeling low or depressed, we recommend you start focusing on your chakras and rebuild a healthy lifestyle you once dreamt of.

Confused and don’t know what to do? You can get help from a local energy healing in melbourne.